Wellness Wednesday: Explore Asheville with your Adventure Dog

Asheville Parks and Recreation (APR) usually shares wellness advice focused on homo sapiens, but this week is for dogs. Asheville has no shortage of community members who treat their dogs like family – celebrating accomplishments, feeding them well, and ensuring they have a treasured place in the pack. Pets can enrich an individual’s quality of … Read more

NYPD Officer Adopts Dog She Rescued From Hot Car

In a heartwarming rescue, a New York officer adopted a dog she helped rescue from a burning car in Manhattan. “This pup will never be overlooked again,” the NYPD 19th Precinct wrote in a Tweeter end of July. (Courtesy of NYPD) According to a Tweeter Beginning June 18, Good Samaritans called 911 after noticing an … Read more

Monkeypox: First possible case of human-to-dog transmission ‘not surprising’, says WHO

The men, who live together and have a non-exclusive relationship, were diagnosed with monkeypox at a Paris hospital in early June. Twelve days after their symptoms started, their 4-year-old Italian Greyhound also started showing symptoms, according to a report published last week in the journal The Lancet. The dog developed lesions and tested positive for … Read more

Dog-sized Jakapil kaniukura dinosaur discovered in Argentina

Comment this story Comment A species of dinosaur recently discovered in Argentina had an armored back, a distinctive jaw and tiny arms – and was about the size of a dog. Fossils dated to the Upper Cretaceous Wet Period — nearly 100 million years ago — suggest that the Jakapil kaniukura walked on two feet, … Read more

Family escapes fire on Shelter St., dog doesn’t

ROCHESTER, NY The Rochester Fire Department responded to 235 Shelter St. Monday evening to multiple calls reporting a house fire. The structure was a 2 ½ story house for three families. Two adults and three children were home and everyone got out safely before firefighters arrived. The fire spread to the roof and it took … Read more

Humans may have passed monkey pox to their dog, report says

Placeholder while loading article actions The first suspected case of human-to-dog transmission of monkeypox has been reported in Paris, leading the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to update its website to include dogs among susceptible animals to catch the virus. The disease can spread between humans and animals, said the CDC, which studies … Read more

Dog stolen at gunpoint found dead – NBC4 Washington

After a month of searching, Bruno, the bull dog who was robbed at gunpoint in northwest DC in April, was found dead in Clinton, Maryland on Sunday morning, according to the Prince George’s County Department of Environment. Bruno’s owner, Jamaica Harvey, said she was heartbroken. “He’s not just a dog, he’s part of my family … Read more