Yes, you can put your cat (or small dog) in this dryer that you can buy on Amazon

No, the Homerunpet Drybo Plus automatic clothes dryer will not tumble your cat or small dog.

But, it will dry him like at the groomer.

Homerunpet says the smart pet dryer relieves anxiety and stress for both pet and owner.

“Pets resist traditional pet hair dryers due to loud noise, long drying time, uneven heating, etc.,” Homerunpet CEO Frank Liu said.

“Pet parents, on the other hand, often suffer from scattered pet hair and intensive cleaning after bathing, which leaves them physically and mentally exhausted.

Homerunpet was born from the original intention and persistence to create sophisticated pet care products with refined designs, which inspired the concept of Drybo Plus, an automatic cabin dryer designed to completely solve pains. long-lasting drying of pet parents and improve the overall bath. and drying experience.

The company claims that the Drybo Plus has hundreds of air holes, omni-directional bottom airflow, safety features, comfortable pet bed, release of 3 million negative ions to make “fluffy and sleek” pet hair, soft and quick-drying modes. and a removable bottom plate for easy maintenance.

The Drybo Plus is available for $599 on Amazon.


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