Woman Walking Her Dog Spots a Bobcat in Her Plano Neighborhood

A Plano resident spotted a bobcat roaming her neighborhood with a squirrel hanging from its mouth this week.

Dawn Sun was walking her dog Tuesday morning in her north Plano neighborhood near State Highway 121 and Independence Parkway when she saw the bobcat crossing the street. As soon as she saw the creature, Sun picked up her Chihuahua to protect it.

She later uploaded a photo of her sighting to Reddit, where she received dozens of replies – the most popular of which reads: “Awww, the bobcat makes sure the squirrel crosses the street safely security.”

Sun said she did not call Plano Animal Services to report the bobcat.

Sightings of bobcats and coyotes are not unusual in the area, especially during the winter mating season when they are more often seen during the day as they hunt for prey. In August, a man captured video of a jumble of bobcats – a mother and three kittens – at Gleneagles Country Club in Plano.

Last November, residents of Frisco spotted at least 26 coyotes and six bobcats. In the past 30 days, residents of Frisco have reported at least 36 sightings of bobcats and coyotes, according to the city’s animal sightings map.

Animals generally do not pose a threat to humans. They haven’t attacked anyone in Plano’s history, but a coyote in Dallas attacked a toddler this spring.

Bobcats and coyotes can attack pets, and the best way to protect them is to stay with them and leash them outside. Bobcats generally do not hunt animals larger than a rabbit; however, coyotes can attack larger pets.