Woman denied accommodation because of service dog

A woman claims landlords won’t rent to her because she has a service dog and the apartments don’t allow pets.

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he’s such a good boy. And it’s like my wheelchair and I don’t think I’ll be functional if I haven’t had it for the past seven years. Slow cooker Sherry synced with her service dog when I walk, he walks when I stop, he stops his paws even following her to her car four months ago when she became homeless . I have never had difficulty finding accommodation. For some reasons. They question everything about me. Search hundreds of rentals across the state. The 74-year-old claims. Some landlords rejected her application while others blocked her from applying even had situations where, Oh, did they tell you we actually raised the rent or oh, we already rented this place. You want to show the common thread. Her assistance dog is with her for on-site visits. And the apartments have a no pets policy is a pet dog, a service dog is definitely not a pet. Therefore, the pet policies do not apply to service animals. That’s according to Rebecca Hoyt, Disability Rights Specialist for the City of Madison, they have no right to know what type of disability someone has or what task the animal is performing for the benefit of the person with the This is quite private health information that owners are not entitled to. She says what owners can ask for are documents showing that a person has a disability in general and needs a service animal. This could be a letter from a medical provider or other qualified professional, other animals are not supposed to interfere with a service dog as they need to focus on me. You know, he’s like my wheelchair. The hope now is to save the paw prints for a new home.