Woman accuses East Tennessee Kennel of losing her dog

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) — A woman says an East Tennessee kennel lost her dog and was doing nothing to try to find him.

“It’s heartbreaking, really,” said Kristen Dever, the dog’s owner.

Dever’s dog, Bentley, is 10 months old and nowhere to be found. Dever blames Misty’s Pet Depot on Walker Boulevard in Knoxville, saying they lost Bentley last weekend while she was out of town.

“We just wanted to keep it safe,” Dever said. “Put it somewhere, where we don’t have to worry about where it is.”

Dever said she dropped her dog off at Misty’s on Friday night, intending to pick him up Monday. But then Dever got a call from them Sunday morning.

“They were like, ‘Yeah, we have some bad news. We lost your dog,'” she said.

Dever said she was told Bentley didn’t have her leash, ran over Misty’s fence and ran away.

The search is on for Bentley. Dever said she once spent $100 of her own money posting flyers, and she claims Misty isn’t helping at all.

“They’re like, we called Young Williams to let them know. Like, thank you,” she said.

Kristen sent WVLT News this copy of the contract she signed with Misty’s. In fine print, it releases the staff from any responsibility in the event of “illness, injury, loss and/or death of a pet”.

“It’s so disappointing,” Dever said. “Like reading this carefully, I don’t think I would have left it there.”

WVLT News contacted Misty’s Pet Depot for this story, but they declined to comment.