Willard, Missouri family seeks answers after 2 of their dogs are stolen, including one found dead

WILLARD, Mo. (KY3) – A Willard family is looking for answers after two of their dogs were removed from their backyard in October. One of them was found dead under a bridge a few minutes from their home.

On October 19, Bailey and Brody disappeared without a trace from the backyard of their home in Willard. Brody had a tracker on his collar. They traced just east of Farm Road 105 and Farm Road 44, but when they found the tracker Brody was not there. Owners say someone dropped the collar after finding the tracking device. As they looked around this area, they noticed something under the bridge at Farm Road 105 and Farm Road 44, near where the tracker was found. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the worst. The way they found him was out of a nightmare.

“His face was gone,” owner Elyse Hargis said. “All they could find were a few teeth. Much of her face was not with him. It’s a part of evil that I can’t understand.

Hargis says whoever took Brody may have used him to train other dogs to fight.

After burying Brody outside their home, where he can stay close to their hearts, Hargis has only one question.

“Why,” she asked. “Why didn’t you call us?” His information was there. We offered a reward. We will give you money for our dog.

If you have any information about what happened to Bailey and Brody and where Bailey is now, call the family at (417) 425-3011 and (417) 425-3012.

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