Will Tank the dog return in FBI: International Season 2?

The first rule for integrating a dog into a team is not to kill it. What happened to Tank, and is he back FBI: international Season 2?

When a television show decides to include an animal in the team, there is no doubt that this member of the team becomes the favorite. This was certainly the case with Tank in FBI: international. During the first season, we worried a lot about him.

It turned out that the old dog was sick. He needed surgery and Forrester was going to do everything he could to save this dog’s life. It looked like we were going to lose a team member before we even knew it, but Tank bounced back.

Now the questions are about the dog in FBI: international Season 2. Will we see the four-legged team member?

Tank comes out of retirement in FBI: International Season 2

Luke Kleintank, who plays Forrester on the show, confirmed with Deadline this Tank is still a member of the team. While he was retired for a while in the first season, he will come out of retirement for FBI: international Season 2.

We will see Tank appear from time to time, sometimes only in the office. There will be times when he helps the team on a case, though. It all depends on the story and the ability to work with Green, the dog who plays Tank. It’s not easy working with animals, but Green is a good boy, as Vinessa Vidotto once told us.

So get ready to see Tank return in some sort of capacity in FBI: international Season 2. While not in every case, this fan favorite isn’t going anywhere. We’ll riot if that’s the case. If anything is going to happen, we’d rather see something like SEAL Team where Cerberus was able to retire happy and healthy and Pepper became the team’s new dog.

What do you hope to see for Tank in FBI: international Season 2? Who is your favorite character in the series? Share your opinion in the comments below.

FBI: International Season 2 airs Tuesday, September 20 at 9/8c on CBS.