Whisky…Mainer’s dog didn’t know he needed it!

Trooper Williams and Whiskey – finally found! Photo submitted

STATE – On Wednesday, September 14, at approximately 9:30 a.m., Maine State Police troopers responded to an accident at Mile 14 North Bound in Ogunquit. The investigation determined that William Funkhouser, 38, of Baker, West Virginia, was driving a 2021 Toyota Tacoma northbound on the toll highway when he fell asleep and swerved his pickup truck into the middle lane by sweeping a tractor-trailer. The accident caused the van to roll over several times. Van passenger Jonah Hose, 23, also of Baker, West Virginia, was ejected from the vehicle. He was not wearing a seat belt. Hose suffered serious injuries and was taken to a hospital in Portsmouth, NH. Funkhouser and the tractor-trailer driver were not injured. At the time of the accident, Funkhouser was transporting 11 dogs in a steel cage in the back of the van.

A dog was found dead at the scene. One is missing, it’s called Whisky. A dog was found walking around the scene. Seven dogs traveled to Highway 1 in Ogunquit and Wells. One of the recovered dogs was taken to a local veterinarian. At this time, the dogs were reunited with the driver of the van.

But here’s the rest of the story. Shannon Moss, public information officer for the Maine Department of Security, said, “I know many of you have requested additional information, so I wanted to provide the following…”

On Saturday, September 17, at approximately 8 p.m., the Augusta Regional Communications Center received two calls from motorists informing them that they had seen what appeared to be a dog, possibly Whiskey, the only hunting dog missing. from a recent accident, about mile 11 northbound on I-95 in the city of York. Maine State Police Trooper Matthew Williams began searching the area, lighting as much of the timber line as possible with cruiser lights and a flashlight. Cavalier Williams finally noticed a few eyes shining at him from the woods. Private Williams stopped his cruiser and could see Whiskey’s head through the tall grass. The whiskey started screaming at Private Williams. The whiskey was weak and quivering, but otherwise he didn’t seem hurt. Private Williams brought Whiskey back to the cruiser where he received food and water. The whiskey was turned over to the Ogunquit Police and Animal Control Officer where it will be cared for until reunited with its owner.

From Cavalier Matthew Williams who found the missing dog: “Whiskey could barely stand when he was found. Luckily it made itself visible enough for passing vehicles to notice and then headed back into the woods,” said Cavalier Matthew Williams. “He was actually at the bottom of an embankment just south of the Clay Hill Rd overpass at mile 12, with a guardrail along the freeway, so it’s unlikely anyone saw him there. -down. If I hadn’t had that happy moment of his eye reflection, which then disappeared, I wouldn’t have seen him at all. Eye glare in the woodline is common…I frequently see deer, bears, coyotes and even bobcats here; this time, luckily, it was Whiskey.

I brought a piece of chicken with me to gain his trust and give him the energy to get him back up the embankment. He then finished my dinner, two chicken breasts and a cheese stick and drank almost 2 liters of water. That was the last time he walked last night, I had to wear him after that. He’s a survivor. I’m so glad this part of the story had a happy ending, but I would also like to add that there is also a human being, the passenger in the accident who is still in serious condition, so that would be wonderful if prayers and support could keep coming for him.