What Happened To This Dog After Her Humans Dropped Her Off To Be Euthanized

When a family took their dog to the vet to be euthanized for suffering from heartworm disease, a kind nurse gave him a second chance.


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@torimarkle posted a heartwarming video of the healing journey with the dog named Baylee and how she saved her. The golden retriever is now alive and well thanks to the nurse who rescued her and helped her through heartworm treatment.

Heartworm is a serious and life-threatening disease caused by a blood-borne parasite. Fortunately, the disease is not contagious between dogs as it is transmitted by mosquitoes.

Baylee’s TikTok explains everything Baylee has been through in her new life.

“I met my aunt Daisy. I sleep with mum every night, mum gave me heartworm treatment. We took pictures of Christmas cards, we play ball whenever I want.

“Since then, we have celebrated my birthday 5 times. Me and my mom have matching moles. My heartworm treatment worked! We take the best naps together. Thank you for allowing my mother to give me the life I deserve.

The video has racked up nearly 8 million views and thousands of comments from users touched by the rescue story.

“It made me cry. You can see the happiness in the eyes,” one user commented.

Another wrote: “I’m crying so much at this thank you for saving him he clearly loves you so much ❤️😭😭😭”

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