We save thousands of animals every year

Editor’s Note: This Dog Rescue R Us article is another in a series of a local nonprofit highlighting their service during “donating season.”

Dog Rescue R Us (DRRU) is an animal shelter with a facility located in Gardendale (between Midland and Odessa) and serving the West Texas area.

We rescue dogs that have been abandoned on the streets and released into local shelters. They are being dumped at an unprecedented rate into oilfields and desolate highways and into neighborhoods, abused and neglected.

West Texas is a third world country for neglected animals. Shelters are still at maximum capacity and the only way to make room for new animals is to euthanize existing ones at the highest rate ever. The cycle repeats daily.

Texas as a whole is worse than any other state in the US and the laws are not changed here still qualifying an animal to be considered an object. Just like a couch, you can throw it away without a scolding. You can reproduce in your garden without reprimand. Law enforcement is at rock bottom to help the voiceless animals. By the time you read this, we will have rescued over 12,000 dogs in less than four years.

Dog Rescue R Us transports all of these dogs otherwise sure to be dead (either by abandonment or euthanasia at the shelter) to their beautiful inner homes now forever (in northern states of America where communities have the resources, space and appreciation for these animals). DRRU currently ships to eight northern US states and Canada. The DRRU bears all inspection and transport costs. DRRU has four buses that we use to transport the animals in the most comfortable way possible. We average 12,000 miles a month to move these adorable furry angels. The approximate cost is $15,000 per month for transportation.

Dog Rescue R Us spends an additional $7,500 per month on vaccines, preventative care, health certificates and more. Dogs transported must meet all state requirements at a cost of a minimum of $150 for each dog. Then there are the emergencies we are inundated with daily. The DRRU Board of Directors and its dedicated team of volunteers work tirelessly to save these voiceless animals. In nearly four years, nearly 300 plus dogs per month have been rescued. Read that again. About 10+ dogs a day have been rescued. Each day. Every day. All year. Even yesterday. And especially tomorrow. We hope these numbers are a wake-up call for our community.

Education is the key element missing from this horrible problem. Existing laws and ordinances need to be strengthened. We need to educate the public not only about the importance of neutering their pets to help fight the overpopulation epidemic, but also about how to properly control and care for a pet.

Dog Rescue R Us is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation, located in Midland and Odessa. It was created in January 2019.

Online: https://www.drru.org/

how to help


We need volunteers and boots on the ground. We need funding to operate on a monthly basis. We need foster families, people who love dogs. And finally, we need your prayers.