We are in the hot days of Andrew Cuomo

I don’t like Andrew Cuomo. If New York was foreign soil, Andrew would have been its czar.

I was very close to Governor Mario, his father. We love each other. Had dinners together. He escorted me to the Governor’s mansion – showed me his private spaces – from the family kitchen to Andrew’s bedroom.

I loved Mario and Mathilde. When The Post had ownership issues, Governor Mario phoned me EVERY DAY.

No reason to befriend Andrew. In a crowd he came. I kissed my cheek. Heat, no. Brushstroke, yes. No interviews. Never called. Never returned repeated calls. Even before the nursing home scandal, I was mad at him.

I had known of his long-time residence for years. When Sandra Lee first met him, she came to my house. Just us alone. We talked for hours. She asked about him. I said he was toxic. I warned her. Ask for Sandra. She will corroborate.

I don’t care what happens to Andrew. I have now just highlighted what perhaps should be mentioned.

Adams claims she tipped off Sandra Lee about Andrew Cuomo.
Andrew Cuomo was a big behavioral change from his dad Mario Cuomo, says Cindy Adams.

Interesting discoveries in the archives

Andrew Cuomo forwarded me a huge article from a Cato Institute fellow named Cathy Young. He says in part: “His resignation may be a #MeToo excess not a success.”

To paraphrase Young: “Questioning the credibility of these ladies is considered reprehensible. No one will ever give him a pass or call angelic Andrew. But some trivial allegations — light-hearted banter, photo ops, arms around his waist — don’t mean he did anything wrong — but they do call into question the possible weaponization of #MeToo.

Groping an assistant lacked corroboration. Reviewing the records, Young said another appeared to be rehired after he left. This assistant, who was running for a primary, was “irritated” by an executive order that shortened the candidacy period. Young said that in a stream of text messages from this assistant, this message was found: “I will find ways to respond. . . Life is long. And my memory too. And so are my resources.

In 2017, a college settled the lawsuit of a student who claimed he was falsely accused of “nonconsensual sexual contact” by a Cuomo assistant who was then a student. According to the man, the assistant “admitted him in a taped conversation and colluded with three other complainants”.

Cuomo, Young reports, told her, “Eleven cases of sexual harassment are creating a frenzy in the press. Who will say anything other than: “You have to resign? ”

Cuomo was the first Democratic governor to be re-elected since his father.
Cuomo served as Governor of New York between 2014 and 2021.

Another look?

I know Andre. So do I bleach it? No. He said very recently that he would contact me again. He did not do it. I know his workplace was a war front. I know he thought he was impregnable. I know he will say whatever he needs to say. I know he’s looking to recover. I know he’s not cuddly. And I know if he ends up as a movie usher, I don’t care.

I am only mentioning what should perhaps be mentioned.

Maybe Cuomo’s version is too self-exculpatory. But after this scholar’s extensive research, equity may be worth – if nothing else – even if the schleppers’ moving van isn’t double-parked to possibly move this former czar’s belongings up north. of the state – perhaps the conclusions deserve another look.

In the meantime, back to work. Vacation is when you get away from being cooped up in a small apartment with the spouse, the kids, maybe the in-laws, maybe a permanently unemployed brother and you can instead spend two weeks with them locked in a tiny motel room – especially when it’s raining.

Except not in New York, kids, but not in New York.