Watch: Stray dog ​​walks into bar, listens to live music and even ‘plays’ guitar

A stray dog walked into a bar and sat down to enjoy live music. It seems unlikely, right? But that’s exactly what happened in a bar in what turned out to be an endearing interaction that was acclaimed by netizens.

The video posted on the Good News Correspondent Instagram page on Thursday has already been viewed more than 41,000 times. In the clip, the dog is seen listening intently to a man who strums a guitar and appears to be singing in front of an audience.

After enjoying the melody a little, the dog approaches the musician and puts his paws on his paws. Amused, the man plays along and lets the curious dog “play” the guitar while continuing to sing, but with a bigger smile on his face.

This seems to lift the spirits of the dog who wags its tail enthusiastically and is also rewarded with a friendly pat on the head.

“A stray dog ​​walks into a bar and sits down to enjoy the live music. Dog clearly wants to be part of the show, so he approaches the musician and plays guitar with him. The scratches and pats on the head are welcome! Watch that tail wagging!” the caption of the video reads.

Watch the video below:

The video has garnered over 3,000 likes so far and netizens couldn’t help but reach for the comments section either.

“Stray dog ​​walks into a bar…..” I was waiting for the punchline!” one Instagram user commented with a laughing face emoji.

Another posted: “Ohhh I could watch this all day. What a beautiful little doggie, so friendly and loves the guy and his guitar!! Pupper tastes good!! I hope he has a loving owner.

“Sweetest thing I’ve seen all day,” echoed another user.