Watch: Stray dog ​​caught on camera stealing from toy store

September 29 (UPI) — Security cameras at a toy store in Brazil were recording when a stray dog ​​broke into the business and attempted to steal a teddy bear.

The footage, recorded by cameras at a toy store in Tabatinga, Sao Paulo, shows two dogs approach the front door of the store and one of the dogs goes inside.

The dog grabs a stuffed sheep in its mouth and tries to leave the store, but the toy gets stuck in the doorway and the dog leaves it behind.

Marcos Soler, the store owner, said he discovered the security camera footage after a customer told him a dog had entered the store.

Soler jokingly made a “wanted” poster for the stray dog, whom he nicknamed Pacato.

He said Pacato wasn’t the first stray to visit his store – another dog had managed to steal a smaller stuffed toy before.