Viral video of a dog trying to bite a tiger’s ear stuns the internet

Viral video of a dog trying to bite a tiger's ear stuns the internet

The image shows a dog biting a tiger’s ear.

You’ve probably seen videos of canines getting involved with other animals in a fight. Cats and dogs are known to be great rivals, even though they sometimes seem to get along. But have you ever seen a dog fight with a wildcat? If not, this story is a must read for you.

A video that has surfaced on the internet shows a massive fight between a dog and a tiger.

Shared by an Instagram page called Animals Power two days ago, the video shows a golden retriever dog trying to bite off a tiger’s ear. However, it’s unclear if this golden retriever realizes he’s fighting a huge cat, and one of the deadliest, or two.

The video also shows a lion sitting nearby, looking to break up their fight but staying away because it doesn’t want to get involved. Meanwhile, the tiger scratches the dog, but the dog has a firm grip on the tiger’s face and ear.

“Dog Vs Tiger,” reads the caption.

The video is believed to be captured at a zoo as a few visitors can also be spotted witnessing the unexpected scene in front of them.

The video attracted over 4.6 lakh views, 18,000 likes and is still counting. This unusual fight stunned viewers all over the internet. Instagram users flooded the post’s comment box with startling remarks.

“The dog doesn’t let go, he has a chance, but as soon as he lets go, it’s over,” commented one user.

A second user wrote: “The dog will mess around and make the tiger prove himself then we will hear the comments like. Awwww so sad you are mean you are a savage etc.”

Laughing at the video, a third user commented, “My wife in action.”

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