UK dog owners have issued a £2,000 warning over their pet’s collar

The warning is for dog owners who don’t have all the correct information about their furry friend’s collar.

All dogs must wear a collar displaying their owner’s name and address when out and about in a public place, while the addition of a phone number is optional.

Pet owners who walk their dogs in a public place without the correct information on their collar risk being fined £2,000.

Blue Cross issues warning to UK dog owners

Animal charity Blue Cross has warned owners of the law. A spokesperson for the charity said: “Even if your dog is microchipped, they must still wear a collar or tag. Exemptions apply for certain working dogs. We recommend adding your number mobile phone so you can be contacted at any time in case your dog goes missing.

“Puppies must be microchipped before they go to their new homes, with the breeder being the first registered guardian. They are breaking the law if they don’t register the puppy before they are eight weeks old.

“Breeders must also pass the correct microchipping paperwork to the new owner when the puppy comes home. The law applies to dogs and puppies over eight weeks old. Exemptions are available if a vet feels there is a valid health reason not to microchip a dog.”

He added: “The vet should issue the owner an exemption certificate in this case. Owners are required to keep details of their pets up to date, for example if they move house. If you entrust your dog to someone another, you must give the new owner the correct microchip registration documents so they can contact the database and register as the dog’s new owner.”