Top Office Dogs 2022: Here are the 13 adorable dog breeds that will love working with you – including the adorable Labrador Retriever 🐕

Dog ownership and working from home have exploded in recent years – but if you have to go to the office, these are the breeds that make perfect work companions.

Many of us have welcomed new puppies into our families over the past two years as the Kennel Club has seen dog ownership numbers reach record highs during the pandemic.

The Covid crisis has also seen many people start working from home, making it easier to take care of a four-legged friend.

For those who need to go to the office, many workplaces are now more pet-friendly to accommodate their employees’ puppies.

And the UK Kennel Club has done some insightful research into why you should bring a dog to the office, with 70% of people saying dogs ease stress at work, 67% of people saying dogs make the atmosphere friendlier, and 51 percent of people who say dogs improve morale and job satisfaction.

But not all dog breeds make the ideal office companion – with the range of attributes required to be more of a help than a hindrance.

With that in mind, canine behaviorist at natural dog food brand Barking Heads, Adem Fehmi, has come up with the best dogs to bring to work with you.

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