This week’s unusual and heartwarming headlines

For a dog sent through an x-ray machine from an airport to a group of veterans training in Arizona for a world-record parachute jump, there was no shortage of intriguing stories this week . Here are some of our favorite heartwarming and unusual stories from December 3-9 that helped make our days a little brighter — or at least, more interesting:

1. Dog accidentally sent through airport X-ray machine, TSA says: “When you travel with an animal, inform your airline and know its rules”, warns the TSA.

Dog accidentally sent by TSA x-ray machine.

2. Peoria Police Hang Christmas Lights for Residents Who Became Targeted by a ‘Grinch’: Peoria police call it a case of the Grinch trying to steal Christmas from an elderly couple, but a few of their officers reversed their vacation.

3. 7 jumps, 7 continents, 7 days: veterans train in Arizona for skydiving world record attempt: A group of daring veterans have been preparing for weeks in Coolidge, Arizona, for the stunt of their lives: they are trying to set a skydiving world record.

4. Photos: Stuffed animal left in rental car returned to little girl after epic ‘adventure’: When a mother and her little girl return from a trip to Dallas, they realize that they forgot something important in a rental car: “Dog Dog”, the child’s beloved soft toy.

Dog Dog the stuffed animal and his adventures (Southwest Airlines)

5. Fish never seen before: researchers discuss new species found more than 5 km under the sea: Australian researchers have dug deeper than divers and submarines could go and found never-before-seen specimens.

Congridae eel found in a discovery in 2022. (Museums Victoria)

Congridae eel found in a discovery in 2022. (Museums Victoria)

6. ATM art installation takes your photo, then displays and classifies your bank account: As of December 2, the “highest” participant was Diplo, a well-known DJ and music producer.

seven. Jonathan the turtle turns 190, oldest living land animal: Jonathan the turtle survived both world wars. He is older than the first photo and has gone through the administrations of 39 US presidents.

Jonathan, a Seychelles giant tortoise, believed to be the oldest living reptile on earth with an assumed age of 185, crawls across the lawn of the Plantation House, the official residence of the Governor of the United Kingdom on October 20, 2017 in Saint H

8. Flight attendant who was joined by dad on every Christmas flight has vacation for ‘first time’: Every year, Hal Vaughan joins his daughter, who works as a flight attendant, on several trips, she has to work as a flight attendant during the holidays. This year, they will be able to enjoy Christmas at ground level.

Pierce and Hal Vaughan traveling together. (Credit: Pierce Vaughan)

9. Archaeologists: Mysterious debris discovered on a Florida beach are likely remains of shipwrecks dating back to the 1800s: Mysterious objects found along a Florida beach are likely remains of shipwrecks dating to the mid to late 1800s, state archaeologists said Tuesday during a visit to the Daytona Beach site Shores.


Close-up images of the remains of the wreckage were found along the shores of Daytona Beach. ( )

ten. Arizona seniors in golf carts abound bring holiday cheer all around: It’s an annual tradition for the folks in the PebbleCreek retirement community, and this year they’ve added even more spice.