The Internet Finds Snow For A Bernese Mountain Dog With Days To Live

Bernese mountain dog enjoying the last snow

Dog owners are known to go above and beyond for their animal companions. One such person from Calgary, Canada, wanted to make her 11.5-year-old Bernese Mountain Dog more comfortable in her final days. Since she wouldn’t be able to make it until winter, her favorite season, they asked the internet where to find snow in the middle of summer to fill the time she had left with good memories.

“Our 11.5 year old Berner is still a few days old,” @canadianbuilt asked Reddit. “She loves the snow, but she won’t survive the winter. Does anyone know of any skating rinks or anything that has a good pile of snow behind them so she can go lay in the snow one last time? The question was followed by dozens of responses from caring dog lovers with suggestions on where to find snow for Brooke the Bernese Mountain Dog. The OP finally followed up saying, “Thank you, everyone… The guys at Bowness Sportsplex immediately started piling snow outside for us. She had her last dose of snow and died shortly after.

“My girlfriend and I have read all of your kind messages so many times and they always bring us both to tears,” @canadianbuilt said. “Honestly, it helps so much to know that literally dozens of people have expressed their compassion and sympathy to us.” They explained that Brooke was their girlfriend’s dog whom they met four years ago, and who became their best friend. “Brooke loved taking long walks, rolling in the grass and snow when there was some, paddle boarding the Bow River, snowshoeing and if it wasn’t too hot she would run alongside us on mountain bike trails.” Thankfully, after laying down in the snow, Brooke was able to spend her final hours with the humans who mattered most to her.

A dog owner from Calgary, Canada asked the internet where to find snow for his Bernese mountain dog named Brooke.

Brooke was 11 and a half and only had a few days left to live, so she wouldn’t skip another winter, her favorite season.

After posting his question on the internet, @canadianbuilt was inundated with recommendations from other dog lovers.

Brooke was able to spend her final hours on a patch of snow, courtesy of Bowness Sportsplex in Calgary.

Bernese mountain dog enjoying the last snowcanadian construction: Reddit
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All images via @canadianbuilt.

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