The absurdly high-end diet followed by the Queen’s dogs

If one thing’s for sure, the Queen really loved her corgis — she’s had 30 in her lifetime, according to VOA. With such deep love, it’s probably no surprise the Queen was picky about what her dogs ate. Former royal chef Darren McGrady told Hello Magazine that dry kibble is completely off the table for puppies. He revealed that every week the kitchen receives a menu especially for dogs. “One day it was beef, the next day chicken, the next day lamb, the next day rabbit and it alternated those days,” he explained. “The beef would come in, we would cook it, cut it into very fine pieces, and then we would do the same with the chicken. We would poach it, and again chop it very, very small to make sure there weren’t any of bones so that the dogs would not choke.”

Robert Lacey, royal historian and author of ‘Majesty: Elizabeth II and the House of Windsor’, told VOA that many wonder if the monarch’s furry friends will attend her funeral. “The Queen’s best friends were the corgis, those short-legged, moody beasts with a yelp that doesn’t appeal to many people in Britain but was absolutely crucial to the Queen,” he said. declared. After his death on September 8, the dogs moved in with Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson, his ex-wife.