Texas family who left Galveston found their lost dog 5 years later – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth

A Galveston family who lost their dog in 2017 while preparing for Hurricane Irma and then moved nearly 1,000 miles away are reunited with their long-lost pet.

Although Irma was not to be directly affected, Alexis and Robert were preparing their house for the worst case. At some point during the prep, their dog Bolt slipped through a weak spot in the fence.

The couple searched the streets and shelters in the area for their dog, but never found their missing pet. The couple ultimately made the difficult decision to leave the island altogether and give up the search for the four-legged family member.

Fast forward five years and a dog named Poppy was given to Fort Worth Animal Care and Control when its owner checked into a hospice. Guardians scanned Poppy and found a chip that identified him as Bolt and belonged to someone other than the person who returned him.

Staff contacted Alexis, who now lives in Wyoming. Alexis said Bolt was her husband’s dog and had recently passed away, but she desperately wanted the family pet back.

The shelter has partnered with Flying Shepherd Ranch, a nonprofit in Parker, Colorado that transports rescue dogs from Texas and surrounding states to foster families and adopters in the mountainous states. and beyond.

A week later, Bolt was on a plane for the 850-mile trip to his new home in Cheyenne.

Shelter officials said Bolt was welcomed by Alexis, “two human siblings and even a new furry brother” and that “the dog-loving family was overwhelmed with excitement and grateful to be reunited, all thanks to a simple electronic chip”.

The shelter reiterates that the reunion would never have happened without the original owner acknowledging the importance of microchipping.