Tears for rescue dog who can’t leave home without emotional support blanket

An anxious rescue dog has regained his confidence with a little help from a soft blue blanket who has been dubbed his “support blanket”.

In a video on TikTok with over a million views, Myko the dog, 4, melted hearts as she showed how the blue blanket gave her the confidence to enjoy life again.

“We got him as a puppy from a local shelter in Pennsylvania. We were told he was from a high mortality shelter in South Carolina and there was some level of neglect and that he probably wasn’t with his mother for a very long time,” said the owner of Myko, who asked not to be named. Newsweek.

“He came to us several pounds lighter. We don’t really know his background, but he also came to us with a lot of quirks and fears.”

Myko the dog and his blue blanket
Photos of 4-year-old rescue dog Myko enjoying his blue blanket which has helped him regain his confidence.

From the day Myko arrived at her new home, they have been working on her confidence to help her overcome various anxieties.

“He’s come a long way to overcome many of his fears,” his owner said. These include “water, ceiling fans, trash cans, shadows and reflections”.

But it was the blue blanket that really helped Myko overcome her neuroses. His owners gave him the blanket a few months after they adopted him. Once a throw blanket in their living room, it quickly became one of his favorite things.

“He frequently pulled that blanket off the furniture and dragged it around the house, that’s when we realized he seemed to REALLY like it,” Myko’s owner said. “I assumed maybe it was because it was ours, we had been using it for a while, and it probably smelled really like us, which was maybe comforting.”

Myko’s love of the blanket seemed to help her overcome her fears inside the house, and then her owners came up with the idea of ​​taking her outside as well.

“Unfortunately, a short time ago we had a bad setback with his training. A dog he was friends with attacked him out of nowhere,” his owner said. “He was physically fine – and we understand that these things happen and dogs sometimes change their minds – but it really scared Myko and emotionally he just shut down.

“For weeks he struggled to do his normal walks around the neighborhood. He was hiding in his crate, shaking by the door, crying from having to go out. So we started letting him take the comforter with him on walks, and it really seemed to help.”

Myko the dog and his blue blanket
Myko posing with her “blue comforter”. Its owner told Newsweek: “He walks around the house with it, eats with it, even chases balls and toys while carrying it.”

Within a few walks with the blanket draped over her back, Myko had regained her feet and is now back to normal.

Although he doesn’t always take it out with him anymore, Myko is still obsessed with his “blue comforter”.

“He sleeps with it all day and night,” his owner said. “We always cover him with it whenever he gets scared. He walks around the house with it, eats with it, and even chases balls and toys while carrying it.”

In the comments to the now-viral TikTok video, users were quick to praise the clever idea and share their love for Myko. One commenter said: ‘The blue blanket is his superhero cape’, while another said they were ‘sobbing’.

The owners of Myko continue to share updates, photos and videos of him on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and Facebook as MykoMushroom and hope that sharing his story can be inspirational to those considering to buy a dog from a shelter.

“We want to show people how rewarding adopting a dog can be,” his owner said. “We also use our platforms as a vehicle to display the highs (and lows), challenges and successes – we try to be as real as possible with the process. Many fans have reached out to us and said that ‘they had gone and adopted a dog because they were inspired by Myko’s story.

The family are passionate about giving back and are currently using Myko’s online platforms to help restock their local animal shelter’s food supply for the holiday season.

In 2021, Myko performed “Santa Paws,” dressed in costume to drop off an entire truckload of dog food and treats waiting for their forever home.