Suspect in Lady Gaga Dog-Walker shooting has been recaptured

Photo: Gilbert Carrasquillo/FilmMagic/Getty Images

Living in a world where no one is innocent, oh, but at least we try. Some of us try, anyway. Others of us are committing the armed robbery of Lady Gaga’s French Bulldogs and shooting her dog walker, Ryan Fischer, in the chest. The man suspected of the crime, James Howard Jackson, was arrested in April last year along with his alleged accomplices and charged with attempted murder. After Fischer recovered in the hospital and Gaga’s dogs were returned to him, it looked like justice was about to be served…that is, until the Department of Los Angeles Sheriff accidentally releases Jackson from jail in April of this year. At the time, the LASD Major Crimes Bureau said the alleged suspect’s “inadvertent” release was due to a “clerical error” and that the bureau was “working to bring Mr. Jackson back into custody.” In July, the US Marshals Service offered a $5,000 reward for information leading to his recapture.

On August 3, CBSLA reported that Jackson had been recaptured. He was discovered “when authorities executed a search warrant on Apricot Drive in the town of Palmdale, where he was taken into custody without incident,” authorities said. The LASD Special Enforcement Bureau tweeted a video of its SWAT team driving away from the scene with a “suspect in custody”. None of this would have happened if the police had just handed over their authority to Los Angeles’ #1 canine cop, Jena Malone.