St. Charles Park District partners with DePAW to offer dog obedience classes – Shaw Local

A new partnership between the St. Charles Park District and DePAW University’s Positive Dog Training will bring a host of new course offerings this fall.

According to a press release from the park district, the courses provided by the Geneva-based canine training and boarding center will benefit a growing number of community members who have expressed a desire for such services over the past few years.

The programs, which take place over several weeks, are available for dogs who are just beginning their training journey as well as animals who have better mastered the fundamentals, the statement said.

Puppy Preschool supports beginner puppies, teaching them good behaviors with simple commands. Experts will also explore issues such as housebreaking, how to limit issues such as mouth and jumping, as well as common grooming routines and vaccines.

Intro to Obedience focuses on practices that help keep dogs’ attention on their owners. The course will also help participants learn to walk their dogs using a loose leash rather than a taut one. Obedience for Beginners takes training one step further with rest, rest and recall commands and includes longer durations for various obedience cues. The introductory course is compulsory for those wishing to register.

The final class offered in the series is Intermediate Obedience, which allows dogs and owners to develop signals while increasing time and distance. Skills include waiting at doors and good manners when meeting new people. The first two courses are compulsory for the intermediate class.

Community members looking to engage more with their pets can also take advantage of three agility classes. The introductory agility course focuses on bonding and improving listening skills and gives tips on how to expend the puppy’s energy. Simple obstacle courses help guide skill. The Beginner Agility class offers advancements with obstacles that are more difficult for dogs to maneuver. The third, Intermediate Agility, includes comprehensive courses and looks at specific handling techniques that owners can apply as needed.

Workgroup marches are also available. Led by a DePAW trainer, these walks allow dogs to explore and utilize their training, which includes developing self-control, social intelligence, and the ability to listen to their owner while avoiding distractions from the real world. These walks, each lasting one hour, will take place from September 10 to November 12 at several locations in the region. Registration is mandatory for each individual job market.

Classes are open to anyone 18 years and older and take place at 100 S. Glengarry Drive in Geneva. To learn more about DePAW University’s Positive Dog Training, including class dates and times, visit