Simple ways to keep your dog and other pets cool on hot days

keep pets cool on hot days

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It’s no secret that hot days can be tough on our furry friends. Hot weather can affect their health and even lead to dangerous conditions like heat stroke.

But do not worry ; there are many things you can do to keep your pet cool and comfortable all summer long. Here are five simple, proven ways to keep your dog and other pets cool on hot days:

  1. Give them plenty of water

pet drinking water

Make sure your pet has access to fresh, clean water. This is especially important on hot days. Dogs and cats are more likely to drink if they have access to fresh, regularly changed water.

Fill his water bowl before you go to work or run errands, and check it often to make sure it hasn’t been emptied. Here are some ways to encourage your pets to drink more water:

Add some flavor. Dogs and cats may be tempted to drink more water if you add a little low-sodium chicken or beef broth to their bowl. You can also try adding a few slices of fruit or vegetables like cucumber or melon.

Invest in a pet fountain. Pets are often attracted to moving water, so a pet fountain can be a great way to encourage them to drink more. Plus, it’s a great way to keep their water cool and refreshing.

Take them for frequent walks. Getting plenty of exercise helps keep your pet cool and makes them thirsty, so they’ll be more likely to drink when they get home.

  1. take them swimming

If your pet loves water, take it swimming in warm weather. It’s a great way to help them cool off and have fun at the same time. Be sure to watch them at all times, as even good swimmers can tire or get into trouble in the water.

However, remember a few points before taking your pet swimming.

First of all, is your dog comfortable around water? Some dogs are natural swimmers and love water, while others fear it. If your dog is uncomfortable or afraid of water, it’s essential to take it easy and let him get used to it at his own pace.

You will also need to make sure your dog is wearing the proper safety gear if needed. This includes a life jacket or vest that fits properly and is rated for your dog’s size and weight.

Make sure the body of water is safe for you and your dog. Avoid areas with strong currents or undertows and standing water that could be contaminated.

Also, keep an eye on your dog while he swims and keep him within sight at all times. Finally, bring plenty of fresh water for your dog to drink after swimming, as swimming can cause dehydration.

  1. Give them a cooling collar or bandana

dog cooling bandanas

There are unique cooling collars and bandanas designed for pets. These collars are usually soaked in water and wrapped around the animal’s neck. The evaporation of the water from the band helps to cool the animal.

Cooling wraps, usually made of a cooling fabric such as Pva, help draw heat away from the animal’s body.

They can be wrapped around the dog’s neck or placed on other pulse points, such as the inner thighs. As the fabric cools, it helps lower body temperature and relieve heat.

Pets can suffer from heatstroke just like humans, so it’s essential to take steps to keep them cool on hot days. Cooling bands and bandanas can be a lifesaver, so it’s always a good idea to have them on hand during the hot summer months.

  1. Keep them indoors during the hottest hours

When the outside temperature is warmest, keep your pet indoors where it is cooler. If possible, stay in an air-conditioned room or put a fan in their favorite spot.

  1. Give them a cooling mat

Cooling mats are designed to help pets stay cool in hot weather. They work by absorbing your pet’s body heat and releasing it into the air. Many pets like to lie on cooling mats, which can make a big difference in hot weather.


These simple tips can help keep your pet cool and comfortable all summer and other hot days.