Shelter Puppy Turned Service Dog Bonds With Local Veteran

You may have met Dewy when he was first adopted by San Antonio Pets Alive. Over the past few months Dewy has been training to become a service dog and now he is finally united with his lifelong owner.

Air Force Federal Credit Union has partnered with The Pink Berets, an organization providing treatment programs for active duty women in the United States Armed Forces and veterans who have experienced trauma.

Their goal is to provide holistic level therapies at no cost.

Through this partnership, Dewy was able to find a perfect match with Marine Corp veteran Felisha Lewis. and the army.

“It has been a great experience for the credit union. AFFCU staff and members loved seeing and hearing about Dewy’s background and training. And it’s something we do at AFFCU that gives back to our community, making a positive difference in the lives of our members and in the community of San Antonio. Kerry Graham, Vice President of Marketing at AFFCU.

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With help from Total Dog, Dewy is trained to know about 12 commands, all designed to ease Felicia’s needs.

“So it helps block out and create space for her in public, helps with social anxiety and things that are going on. It also helps with nighttime tremors and things like that,” Brice said. Cavanaugh, owner of Total Dog.

Dewy’s training will continue to ensure he adapts to what Felisha’s lifestyle demands, Cavanaugh said.

Service animals like Dewy can help people living with PTSD in many ways, such as helping to diffuse situations in the home.

“So in the environment, Dewy can really identify his (Felisha) stress level and help diffuse that stress level,” said Stephanie Gattas, CEO of Pink Berets.

But not only will Dewy provide services to Felisha, but now Dewy has found a forever home.

“I am so honored and blessed. It is truly a blessing what you all have done for me. Thanks. And it gave me a new purpose in life,” Felicia said.

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