Shawnee family shocked after dog shoots bow and arrow twice

A Shawnee family is shaken after their dog is shot with an arrow in their yard.

The dog’s owner, Melody Davis, said it had been a horrible two weeks for their family.

Koda was shot in the leg, leading to a series of medical complications.

Davis said she couldn’t understand how anyone could have done this to her dog. She said Koda had never been violent or aggressive towards her neighbors or family.

“Koda is just the nicest dog,” Davis said.

Davis said she got a call from her husband last Monday and never heard fear and panic like that in his voice.

“He’s just the best dog and he didn’t deserve this. He didn’t deserve this to happen to him,” Davis said.

They immediately called the vet, who came to their house. The vet had to cut the arrow and make an exit wound to remove part of it, so the wound wouldn’t get worse.

“The arrow used on him, it was absolutely cruel and it was mean,” Davis said.

After stitches and a few days at the vet, Koda was able to return home to her family. The Davis family thought they were finally in the clear.

“The vet told me how lucky he was that it only went through the muscle, that he would be in pain for a few days and that we would be back in 2 weeks to remove the stitches,” said Davis.

But that was just the beginning of Koda’s medical complications. Shortly after returning home, Koda’s symptoms began to worsen and her health declined rapidly.

“We were worried and we were scared, and we didn’t know what was going on,” Davis said.

They took Koda back to the vet and realized that Koda had actually been shot by two separate arrows, not just the one they had originally thought.

“The second arrow had actually done more damage than we were aware of until the complications arose on the weekend after we brought it home,” Davis said.

The Davis family has speculation about who may be responsible but did not share details. They filed a report with the sheriff, and after investigation, the sheriff’s office closed the case. The sheriff’s office came to the scene and did what they could, but ultimately said there wasn’t much evidence to proceed.

“The sheriff called back on Friday and said they were going to close the case because there wasn’t really any evidence of who did this,” Davis said.

Still, the Davises believe someone should be held accountable.

“Shooting once can be an accident. But if he was shot twice, it was absolutely no accident,” Davis said.

News 9 spoke with the Potawatomie County Sheriff’s Office, and they said if any new information comes to light or suspects come forward, they will continue the investigation.

They hope to bring Koda home for good this weekend, if he is fully recovered.

“We miss him. And we want him home. And I just don’t know how anyone can do that to him,” Davis said.

The Davises started a Go-Fund-Me to help pay Koda’s expensive vet bill.