Security video shows woman dumping dog in Rochester parking lot

ROCHESTER, NY – This is the video that has raised the ire of animal lovers across the City of Flowers. It’s circulating on Facebook. It shows a woman dumping a dog in a Rochester commercial parking lot. So when I saw him, I started to investigate. And I found the kind vet who discovered the abandoned dog. Her name is Dr. Brenda Buck. And she owns the Animal Hospital of Rochester at 1150 University Avenue.

On Friday morning, his staff members told him they had found a dog tied to a pole in the parking lot. She quickly brought the sweet Terrier mix into her clinic to be evaluated. And then she assessed the building’s security video. It clearly showed what had happened.

A black sedan pulled into this lot just after 11:00 a.m. Within seconds, a woman got out of the car with a black dog in tow and walked the dog to a pole in the corner. She then tied the dog up and ran to her car, leaving the dog behind.

“Dogs are very attached to their owners. And for a dog, they are almost like children. They kind of have the emotional capacity of a toddler. And they don’t understand why the person they love and trust has suddenly left them,” Dr. Buck said of the emotional impact of abandonment.

She said some dogs die when suddenly separated from their owners. She said it was clear the young dog had been treated.

“He’s a neutered young adult male, maybe a year old,” Dr Buck explained. “He was in very good weight. His coat was nice and clean. He had a collar. Super, super friendly so I think this dog had been well cared for. Someone loved him.

So why was the little dog abandoned? We do not know. But we know leaving a dog tied to a post is a crime. So Dr. Buck called the police and filed a report.

The dog is now in care at Rochester Animal Services. It is currently being evaluated and will then be proposed for adoption. If you know who left this dog behind, you are encouraged to call Rochester Animal Services at 585-428-7274 or you can email them. [email protected]

And Dr. Buck wants you to know that if you’re a pet owner and you’re struggling financially, there are other options. Click here to access resources ranging from free pet food to discounted veterinary services.