Santa Rosa City Council to review dangerous dog ordinance

Photo courtesy of the City of Santa Rosa.

Next week, the Santa Rosa City Council will discuss a possible amendment to the city’s dangerous dog ordinance. This would give city officials greater ability to declare a dog naughty if it kills another pet unprovoked. To be labeled as vicious, a dog must first be declared dangerous and proven to have repeated the same aggressive behavior. And, as the ordinance is currently written, a dog can only be declared vicious if it seriously injures a person. The most serious label a dog can receive for attacking or killing another pet is dangerous.

Meanwhile, two Santa Rosa dogs who killed two cats and threatened a woman have been declared vicious. The dogs, a pit bull and a sheepdog mix, will not be euthanized but will be sent to a Humboldt County animal shelter. Cat owners are happy with the outcome, although a couple is still pursuing a civil suit against the dog owners. The attacks took place in February in the Grace Tract neighborhood. The dogs roamed the area and chased and killed two cats on private property.