Robbie has lived in a dog shelter for 9 years. Can you give her a home?

For 9 years, Robbie the dog has known only the walls of an animal shelter in suburban Chicago, but hopefully this year he can spend Christmas in a real home.

Robbie was rescued by nonprofit Pets and Vets USA in 2014, hours before he was euthanized at an animal shelter in San Bernardino, California. Since then, he has lived in a shelter in Roselle, Illinois.

There’s hope that this year, someone with a warm heart can give Robbie a cozy bed, just in time for Christmas.

“It’s a shame, because he’s a wonderful dog and he has such a personality,” said Peter Cangelosi, founder of Pets and Vets. “To be 10 and a half, eleven – he’s like a puppy. He has more energy than any dog ​​we have here.”

Pets and Vets is waiving adoption fees for Robbie, who is 11 years old, healthy, vaccinated and microchipped. They think he is best suited to a home without children, although he gets along with other dogs.

To adopt Robbie, email [email protected]