Rico the rescue dog insists on limping down the stairs after mum breaks her ankle

Rico likes to do everything his mother, Ashley Hall, does. So when Hall slipped down the stairs and hurt his foot, the 4-year-old husky mix reacted just like he always had – and the results were priceless.

“[Rico mimicked me] almost immediately,” Hall told The Dodo. “And even if I go down the stairs a bit quickly, he is still too careful. It took him a full 32 seconds to descend the stairs.

After noticing Rico doing the same move every time, Hall captured the hilarious scene on video as proof.

Hall has since recovered, but that doesn’t stop Rico from doing the same routine every time he comes down the stairs. Rico is fully committed and sees no reason to change.

Hall adopted the prankster pup from Island Dog Inc. after the rescue brought him in as a stray from Puerto Rico.

“I saw her picture on Facebook and immediately fell in love,” Hall said. “He’s super nice and friendly. He’s never met a human or animal he doesn’t like!

Rico may never walk down the stairs the same way again, but at least he makes his new family laugh.