Reviews | My rescue dog is not “mentally unbalanced”

As Mr Kelly apparently discovered from his “holy” rescue dog, Charlie, many rescue dogs are angels and bring nothing but joy to their adoptive families. It’s a bit like having children: some are easy from birth; others may face challenges and problems.

A pedigree does not guarantee that the dog will be sweet and easy going. Many dogs purchased from breeders come with their own share of drama. It’s the luck of the draw.

But to say that all or most rescue dogs are mentally unbalanced is simply not true. Dogs need lots of love, but perhaps most importantly, they need consistency.

I’m afraid Mr. Kelly’s column will discourage future dog adopters. Yes, some rescue dogs present additional challenges. Like some dogs bought from breeders. But most dogs, I believe, don’t ask for much more than to be fed and loved. I think most dog owners would say that, more than anything else, dogs bring happiness into our homes.

Lynn Miller, silver spring