Proposed South Hill Dog Park in Lincoln Park Rejected 6-3

The Spokane Park Board voted against building a new 7.5-acre dog park in Lincoln Park at a special meeting Monday.

Council voted 6 to 3 against the proposed location after a heated discussion in council chambers.

Park officials held four open houses this month to seek public input on a new dog park on the South Hill. Lincoln Park was the most preferred location among two other potential options, one in a storm water treatment facility known as Hazel’s Creek and the other in an area of ​​Underhill Park.

Spokane Park Superintendent Garrett Jones said after the meeting that his department will continue to seek new paths for a new dog park, but there may be “give and take” to find a location that suits the better to everyone.

“It’s not dead,” Jones said. “That’s what we love about public comment. To listen, to be able to hear that, to adapt and keep moving forward.

Future proposals may have to compromise on size or natural features, or potentially be located outside of city limits with county assistance, Jones said.

“I wish I could find a perfect site too, but I don’t believe it exists,” said Bob Anderson, a park board member who voted in favor of the Lincoln Park location. “It seemed like the best alternative.”

Board members and community members said establishing a dog park in the Lincoln Park area would destroy the natural beauty of the area.

“My instinct is to preserve,” said Jennifer Ogden, who voted against the proposed Lincoln Park location. “In this case, the damage to Lincoln Park would have been irreversible. It was too much of a loss. »