One of 3 dogs was airlifted from remote trial in Arizona Canyon

(Photo credit: Trent Inness/Getty Images)

Dogs need exercise – although some breeds need more than others – and often enjoy spending time outdoors. But sometimes dogs and their parents find themselves in difficult situations. Of floods at cavesdogs sometimes need a little help, including being airlifted to safety…

After encountering difficulties while hiking a remote canyon trail in Arizona, officials airlifted a dog and two hikers to safety. On August 28, both hikers reported “heat related issues” and the Pima County Sheriff’s Department (PCSD) rescued them by air.

Pima Canyon is a large canyon just north of the town of Tuscan in the Santa Catalina Mountains. The Pima Canyon Trail is popular with hikers.

air rescue

The PCSD said in a statement on Facebook that the trio “couldn’t get out of the area on their own”, and posted footage showing them airlifting the dog to safety. They then urged other hikers to get out early to minimize the risk of having heat-related difficulties and to keep drinking water and electrolytes.

The PCSD also advised turning around when you’re down to half your water supply and calling 911 at the “first sign of heat problems.” In Arizona, rescue is a free service.

Hot weather safety

Going out in the summer with your dog can be one of the greatest joys of being a dog parent, but it’s important to remember that safety is paramount.

Make sure your dog has constant access to water. Also remember that your dog’s paws can burn on certain surfaces, such as sand and asphalt. Avoid strenuous exercise on the hottest days. Finally, make sure you know the signs of heat exhaustion in dogs.

Some breeds are best dressed in hot weather too, like the Greyhound and the Basenji. Others, such as brachycephalic breeds, may struggle.