No dogs allowed in Mountain Brook playgrounds or fields

MOUNTAIN BROOK, Ala. (WBRC) – The City of Mountain Brook will no longer allow dogs in playgrounds and fields, per changes to the city’s dog ordinance.

Here is the press release from the city’s website:

For the safety and well-being of children and the general public who use our play areas and grounds, no dogs are permitted in these facilities.

After much discussion at several council meetings that included input from the police, school officials, parks and recreation council, sports groups and dog owners, council approved changes to the “Dog Ordinance” to include the banning of dogs from all sports grounds. and parks with playgrounds. Fines may be imposed for violations.

Dogs are always welcome on our trails and can be off leash at any of Mountain Brook’s three dog parks. They are located at Cahaba River Walk, near Mountain Brook Elementary Field and Lane Parke Apartments. We are working to improve these areas and create more community spaces for dogs.

Read the full prescription below:


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