New therapy dog ​​at DIISD | News, Sports, Jobs

The Dickinson-Iron Middle School District has a new staff member, Diogee, a 3-year-old hypoallergenic sheep. The owner, Hannah Rogalla, has joined ISD for the 2021-22 school year and offers mental health services to general education students. The duo went through Diogee’s certification process as therapy dogs through the Alliance of Therapy Dogs and are excited to begin the 2022-23 school year working together in Dickinson and Iron counties. Therapy dogs have been shown to reduce stress, increase school participation, promote confidence levels, help people express their feelings, reduce behavior problems and reduce learner anxiety. Diogee is always ready to greet a new face or recognize old friends. His happy temperament brings smiles and joy to those who meet him and he is always happy to shake hands or sit down on command. They look forward to seeing children in a hallway or classroom soon.

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