Mum left with questions after 4-year-old was attacked by dog ​​near Oakhurst

A mother shares her frustration after her four-year-old son was attacked by a dog in Creek County.

It’s a tricky situation. The mother said no one has come forward to claim ownership of the dog and it happened outside the jurisdiction of the nearest animal shelter.

This leaves her wondering who could do something about it.

Liam Ransom is only four years old. Like any other child, he is delighted with his fifth birthday, but in his own words, he almost didn’t make it.

“I could have been dead,” he said.

His mother Jade Zollars said Liam was invited to a birthday party on the 6th with several other children just west of Oakhurst.

“An adult came running up to me saying, ‘Hey Liam broke his head,'” she says.

Liam went to the ER for surgery and stitches.

Zollars said a deputy came to the hospital to make a report.

“The dog got me,” Liam said. A few days later, the dog is still there.

“I’ve contacted so many animal controls and so many shelters between Tulsa County and Creek County and they keep blowing my mind,” Zollars said.

The Sapulpa Animal Sanctuary calls the rural area it happened “no man’s land” when it comes to animal control. It’s too far out of their jurisdiction, leaving it to the Creek County Sheriff’s Office.

However, the sheriff’s office does not have an animal control department.

“At least I didn’t die mum,” Liam said. Liam is right – the bright side is that he made it out alive and remains in good spirits.

But since no one can take the dog away, his mother worries the next time someone’s child gets too close.