Missing Sacramento dog found in Kansas

Dog missing in Sacramento found in Kansas

Dog missing in Sacramento found in Kansas


SACRAMENTO — Only Zeppelin the dog knows how he ended up hundreds of miles from home, but his owner is just happy to know how he’ll get back.

“We kept looking for him for a while. We were very sad,” said Sandra O’Neil.

Sandra wasn’t sure she would ever see Zeppelin again. The German Shepherd mix went missing in Sacramento last October. Fourteen months later, he shows up in Kansas.

“I went to the pasture to see why our dog was barking and found it,” Heather Reichart said.

Reichart says she finds stray animals in her Kansas pasture all the time. But something told him that Zeppelin needed help. When she took him to a vet clinic, his microchip showed that even though he was in Kansas, he was definitely not home.

“I was overwhelmed with emotion. I was very excited to see him. He looked really good,” Sandra told CBS13 after seeing Zeppelin on FaceTime.

Clearly Zeppelin knows how to travel, but now comes the long way back. Call it a Christmas miracle, but he’s already found a friend to drive him around.

“I saw he needed a ride and I needed a co-pilot and I said, ‘Let’s go Zeppelin, you’re going home!” said Mary Hastings.

Mary Hastings, a dog owner herself, happened to be visiting her daughter in Kansas when she heard the Zeppelin story. Now she will have a boyfriend on her way back to California.

“I had a little tear because of it. It’s amazing. It’s okay ma’am. You’ll get it by Christmas,” Hastings said.

Sandra won’t be the only one waiting. Zeppelin has several puppies that can’t wait to see their dad again.

Mary plans to hit the road with Zeppelin over the weekend and bring him home in a few days.