Minnesota rescue dog will have his mug on Busch Turkey Beer Cans for Dogs

(KNSI) – A Minnesota rescue dog chosen by Busch beer fans to have his face on 40,000 cans of Dog Brew by Busch will also be featured on the brand’s limited-edition turkey brew for dogs.

Kira was found in a ditch by local police, who took her to a nearby humanitarian society. She was adopted a day later by her forever family, who live in Perham. Kira is described as a “fun-loving goofball” and won by beating the other three dogs in the Final Fur competition to take home the price this past March.

Busch Dog Brew is an all-natural product made exclusively for dogs with vegetables, herbs, spices, water and turkey broth. It was created to allow humans to open one with their best friend. The Anheuser Busch website says it’s also “a nutritious and tasty snack that helps promote a healthy digestive system.” Bone broth is also a great way for dogs that have trouble eating solid foods to get all of their extra nutrients.

The company also claims that the new flavor will have your dog’s tail wagging all day.

Cans with Kira’s mug have already been released and sold in boxes of four packs.

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