Meet Truffle, the Canine Ambassador Finding the Best of Beverly Hills – NBC Los Angeles

What there is to know

  • The little pooch is the new fluffy face of Love Beverly Hills
  • The group has a free guide detailing where to go with your pup in the city and the different benefits you can find
  • Hotels such as the Beverly Wilshire, a Four Seasons Hotel are included, while Beverly Gardens Park is suggested as a great spot for sun and strolls

Trotting in the Golden Triangle with your Golden or your Pug or your Boston Terrier by your side?

It’s a common, cute and dog-friendly sight to behold in the heart of Beverly Hills, a destination that has become stylishly synonymous with dog life.

But even if you’re attached to this happy-go-lucky approach to life, you may still wonder where exactly you and your woofer can hang out when you’re calling on the chic city.

Don’t let out a howl just yet, because help and advice, in the form of a four-legged expert, is on the way.

Meet Truffle, the new “Official PAWS Spokesperson” for Beverly Hills.

Truffle definitely knows its way around the city and has already called on several well-known places, from restaurants to parks to hotels, all to let visitors and locals know that dogs aren’t just allowed in many places. favorite outings in town, but they are also invited and welcome.

Plus, Truffle’s new role is to cheekily highlight the perks puppies can enjoy in these places, from free treats to plush dog beds.

You can see this rising star on the Love Beverly Hills social pages from time to time. The truffle is also featured in “Beverly Howls: The Pampered Pooch Guide to Luxury Stays in Beverly Hills,” a free guide from the pros behind the city’s glitzy outings.

As for Truffle’s off-work identity?

I love Beverly Hills

A member of the Beverly Hills Conference & Visitors Bureau team proudly calls herself the adorable animal’s aunt.

The office has kindly shared a little more about this fluffster on the go, a sweetheart you can spy while rolling down Roxbury, relaxing along Wilshire Boulevard or having lunch along Beverly or Brighton Way.

“Three-year-old Truffle was born in Korea, crossed the Pacific, and is now Beverly Hills’ number one fan,” the office reveals.

“Spending time exploring the destination gets the tails wagging, whether it’s shopping along Rodeo Drive, picking out accessories, or licking a Sprinkles cupcake.”

“When you’re not lounging poolside at the Beverly Hilton, sniffing the iconic floral wall at Beverly Wilshire, or having tea at The Peninsula Beverly Hills, Truffle can be found trotting around the center of welcoming visitors to Beverly Hills.”

Beverly Hills is one of the most dog-friendly hamlets in Southern California, and this lovable new Ambassador – an adorably cute pup – is here to help us find the best places to enjoy alongside our pooches.