Meet the Stray Railroad Dog Who Became Everyone’s Best Friend

Elvio Barlettani and Mirna decided to name the dog Lampo, which means “lightning” in Italian. Mirna and Lampo were inseparable, and Barlettani also grew to love the dog. As History of Yesterday noted, Lampo always accompanied Barlettani whenever he took his daughter to school and picked her up by train. The dog was also Barlettani’s little companion when he worked on the trains. However, Lampo also liked to travel alone to different places. He got on and off trains on his own, and the Barlettanis weren’t worried, because he always went home at the end of the day.

According to Barlettani, as reported by Unusual Info, Lampo knew the difference between an express train and a slow train, and he also knew the departure schedule. “But he always made sure he wouldn’t go past a certain point on a map, in order to catch the right connection that would take him back to Campiglia Marittima before dawn,” Barlettani said. Lampo was friendly, but not everyone appreciated his presence. Some passengers complained that the dog roamed the carriages freely without a leash or muzzle, and Barlettani was told he had to get rid of it. Lampo was sent to Naples on a train, but a few days later he was back at Campiglia Marittima. Barlettani then decided to send Lampo to a relative, but after a month the dog was back at the station.