Massachusetts man’s World War II Medal of Identity found in the Czech Republic; The family is now looking for relatives

A family from the Czech Republic seeks to connect with family members of a WWII veteran in Massachusetts.

Jaroslav Sevcik and his family were metal detecting in a forest in the European country when his mother’s metal detector went off, CBS reported.

But this was not a typical coin find. Instead, the family found a dog tag buried a few inches underground belonging to Walter Chadwick.

The town where they found the dog tag is a town that was “liberated by the US military during World War II,” Sevcik told CBS. He also mentioned that there was a unit in the US Army during World War II where Chadwick may have lost his dog tag.

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But how was Sevcik’s family going to return the tag to its rightful owner across the world?

Sevcik posted a photo of the beacon on Reddit, where users were able to follow the beacon to the veteran.

“I’m surprised you can find little things like World War IDs, and you can find so much on the internet about this person who was in Czechia almost 100 years ago,” Sevcik told CBS.

However, Chadwick was found buried in St. Mary’s Cemetery in New Bedford. He died in 1955, CBS reported, and is buried next to Julia Chadwick who died in 1997.

According to the records, CBS reported that the woman is the one who commissioned Walter Chadwick’s headstone.

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The Czech family currently hopes the internet will continue to connect the tag with a living member of Chadwick’s family.

This is the second dog tag the Sevcik family has found in this area. It was also another dog tag with Massachusetts ties, but has since been returned to a family that resides in Wakefield.