‘Lucky’ the dog, abandoned on train tracks, enjoying a foster life – NBC10 Philadelphia

He was found injured and abandoned on the Montgomery County train tracks last month, but now “Lucky” the dog is on the road to recovery and enjoying life with his foster family.

Lucky was finally released from hospital on Monday after spinal surgery for a broken back. The Philly Rescue Angels, who found the pit bull mix on train tracks near Lawndale’s SEPTA station, released a video of Lucky in his foster home on Tuesday.

The video shows the pup happily licking its mother’s face, chewing on bones and playing. It’s a far cry from where he was just a few weeks ago, in pain and struggling to stay on track and at risk of being killed by an oncoming train at any moment.

Initially, rescuers believed a train had indeed rammed the dog, but then found an unattached leash and collar nearby, leading them to believe that Lucky’s injuries were in fact the result of abuse. Penn Vet medical staff discovered that the pup also had broken teeth and deep scratches.

“So I think they dumped him to hide the fact that they broke his back and used the train to hide the fact that they hurt him,” said Sidara Son, of the Philly Rescue Angels , at NBC10.

Lucky will probably never be able to use his hind legs again, given the severity of his injuries, but a wheelchair will be able to move him, rescuers say.

“We allow Lucky to decompress and get used to his new way of life in his experienced foster home. So far everything has gone well, and Lucky has been the best boy! the Philly Rescue Angels wrote on Instagram.

Over time, Lucky will be put up for adoption with the hope that he will spend the rest of his days in a loving forever home.