Local residents urge dog owners to ‘walk your dog down the aisle into history’

Naperville neighbors Deb Waite and Jen Dietz, both members of New Start Dog Rescue, invite dog owners to “walk your dog down the aisle and into history” on Sunday, October 2, 2022. It’s the date that has been set for Diamonds in the Ruff to break the Guinness World Record of 178 dog “pairs” hitching at Northwestern Medicine Field in Geneva.

Members of New Start Dog Rescue are eager for dog owners to register by September 28, 2022, to help break the Guinness World Record of 178 dog ‘pairs’ in a wedding ceremony mass at Northwestern Medicine Field in Geneva on October 2. , 2022.

Simply put, dog owners are asked to register their dogs to participate, then the dogs and their owners show up and are paired with another dog for the “marriage” ceremony, after which all the dogs go home with their owners.

World’s Largest Dog Wedding Ceremony welcomes up to 5,111 dog couples to raise $100,000 while breaking a Guinness World Record and saving the lives of American rescue dogs and veterans.

Registration is $25 per dog. Every penny (i.e. 100%!) of the entry fee will be donated to participating animal charities, with 50% going to K9 for warriors and the remaining 50% being distributed among the other charitable groups for the participating animals.

“Martin Rees, renowned magician and five-time Guinness World Record winner will be the master of ceremonies,” Dietz emailed. ‚ÄúPeople Magazine will be there, and it will be broadcast live around the world. We just need more people to sign up (by September 28, 2022) to marry their dogs so we can break the record and raise much needed funds for veterans and rescues.

For more details and a link to the brief entertaining video featuring Martin Rees aiming to do his K9 magic for warriors and rescue dogs, visit www.largestdogwedding.com/About_Us.

Northwestern Medicine Field is located at 34W002 Cherry Lane, Geneva, IL.