Local Girl Scout troop builds dog play area for the Humane Society

ST. CLOUD – The Tri-County Humane Society has a new place for dogs to run and play outside of the shelter.

Girl Scout Troop 636 spent the summer building a dog playground and are having a ribbon cutting on Tuesday at 6:30 p.m.

troop leader Kari Boehmer says the girls can’t wait to show off their latest project.

We are excited to see the end result and how the dogs will enjoy it. The girls were all dreaming about different things they wanted the dogs to play with.

Boehmer says the project was an effort to get every girl to get her bronze award. She says the eight girls must have put in 20 hours each on the project.

During this time the girls were hauling brush, loading trailers, moving bricks, hauling sand, cutting trees and things like that to prepare the space for what we needed.

Boehmer says the girls will now submit their final reports to the board next month for review.

She says they are grateful to the many partners who stepped up and helped make this project a reality, including TCHS, Keven Voigt and Arnold Companies, Jack Schabel and Schabel Enterprise Inc., Mike Packa (a grandfather from the troop), Mark Schmidt (TCHS Volunteer) Michelle Anderberg and Plaisted Companies Inc., Gary Nyren (a grandfather from the troop) and Powrtran and Jamie from Tri-County Organic Recycling.

Tri-County Humane Society Dog Playground