“Lloyd’s Legacy” – A Make a Shelter Dog Day Program

Something very special has happened at the SPCA of Niagara County. Earlier this summer, a dog named Lloyd was brought in, who unfortunately had a cancerous tumor and end stage kidney failure. Now, these health conditions usually signal the end of the road for a dog, which spends its remaining days in a crate, before being euthanized. But Lloyd’s final chapter turned out to be unwritten, as he was given a new leash for the rest of his life.

Instead of being caged or euthanized, Lloyd is allowed to embark on making a “to-do list” that takes him on many adventures across WNY. With stops at pools and Gallagher Beach (Lake Erie), car rides, trips to pet stores, a trip to Lily Dale (for healing stones), a stopover at Niagara Falls, sleepovers, a lunch at Lloyd Taco Factory, bones, baths, slices of dog ice cream, encounters with humans and animals, a visit to the Niagara Aquarium, frolics at Delaware Park and Old Fort Niagara, and many walks and naps, Lloyd is having the best time of his life, literally. The Niagara County Legislature even declared Wednesday, August 3, 2022 Lloyd Day – “A day to Be like Lloyd.” A day dedicated to caring for homeless animals and showing kindness to one another.

A Lloyd + SPCA social media (Facebook) query will show hundreds of photos of Lloyd as he toured WNY. Not only does Lloyd radiate happiness, but he’s also become a role model for other dogs, who end up on the less fortunate side of the fence. You see, there are a lot of “Lloyds” out there, looking for forever homes. Some are older and some are sick, but there are others who are young and healthy. What they all have in common is the absence of a home, a place where they will be safe, healthy and loved.

Lloyd leads by example, showing that no matter how difficult the circumstances, there is always hope, and for those who are lucky, something to look forward to.

It turns out that with all that newfound love and attention, Lloyd has a new spring in his step and acts years younger as each adventure unfolds. He has also put on a lot of weight since he was first recruited.

On Tuesday, August 23, Lloyd will travel to SUNY Buffalo State, where he will receive special treats. He will have the opportunity to meet with the President of Buffalo State and her cabinet; becoming “sworn in” as an honorary K9 by the University Police; and enjoy a Starbucks puppy-cup with the Dean of Students and Buffalo State’s mascot Benji.

This next adventure is part of a new program at the SPCA of Niagara County called Lloyd’s Legacy – A Day Program for a Shelter Dog. The program gives hope to other old and sick dogs who usually don’t have much to look forward to. It also increases the likelihood that a dog will be adopted or fostered by a compassionate person.

“Buffalo State fell in love with Lloyd, as well as everyone who read his story,” said Paula Madrigal, assistant director of prevention and health promotion at the Weigel Health Center (Buffalo State) who is overseeing the visit. of Lloyd. “Like Lloyd, we often see our students smiling and doing their best to improve while dealing with challenges from the past or present. These include homelessness, illness and loss. Lloyd’s visit to Buffalo State now seems like the perfect way to bring the campus back together after a tough few years for everyone.

During his visit, Lloyd will receive loot from Buffalo State and enjoy a “pupachino” from Starbucks. Then he will participate in “paw-art-therapy” with the students and staff. He will also receive an honorary K9 designation from the university’s police department, as well as a short ride in a UPD patrol car. Finally, he’ll visit the newly renovated EH Butler Library and peruse a dog book, before receiving a graduation cap.

“The SPCA shelter has many older dogs and cats who make great companions,” Madrigal added. “Those with health issues in their later years, like Lloyd, are so deserving of love. I think that sentiment really resonated with people who met Lloyd this summer. In addition to the adoption, the SPCA provides incredible community services and resources that we are blessed to have that many people don’t realize exist.