Learn the Skills of a Web Developer With This Programmable Dog

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Entry-level programmer salaries can reach $80,000 and up, which could make hiring a professional out of reach if your company’s budget is tight. Why not tap into your rambling entrepreneurial spirit and try to learn to code yourself?


While this may not be a great long-term plan, it could point you in the right direction and prolong some costly overhead expenses. It might even be fun if you give it a whirl with a robotics kit. Petoi Bittle is a palm-sized programmable robot dog. You can use Scratch, C++, and Python to teach him to walk, run, and do tricks, and you might discover a hidden talent.

An accessible way to learn to code.

Petoi Bittle is suitable for adults or young learners. You can get it as a kit that you would have to put together or as a pre-assembled dog ready to program new tricks into it. If you’re considering your business working with hardware, it might be worth trying to assemble Bittle’s five-component system.

Completely new to coding? Scratch can be a great starting point. Once you figure this out, move on to C++ for more advanced commands before finally learning Python, the most popular coding language. While coding skills come naturally, you can speed things up with the AI ​​by incorporating your own Raspberry Pi connection (not included with the kit).

Start learning to use Scratch, C++ and Python.

Whether you need to learn coding to take the next steps in your business, want to learn more about programming so you’re better informed when hiring a developer, or are looking for an activity to distract you from work, this Kickstarter-funded Programmable Dog deserves a second look. Get the Petoi Bittle DIY Robotics Kit for $329 or get the pre-assembled kit for $339.

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