It’s a Dog’s (or Cat’s) Life: Gingee, ‘The Embodiment of Pure Joy’

EAST HAMPTON, NY — In our new column, “It’s a Dog’s (or a Cat’s) Life,” we invited Patch readers to share the stories of the pets that make their lives special. Here’s this week’s entry from Janet Pacella, whose Portuguese Water Dog Gingee, who died at nearly 16, taught her some eternal lessons about life.

“I was retired and 56 when I got Gingee,” Pacella said. “I had never had a dog before and believe me everything you hear about the stubbornness of Portuguese Water Dogs is right. She was rambunctious like all puppies and had a fondness for my shoes. Not my husband’s shoes, mind you – only mine would do. No matter what mischief she got herself into, however, one look with her bowed head and soft brown eyes, and all was forgiven. True to her breed, she was an intelligent and easily trainable dog. In fact, she won the Hamptons Animal Rescue Fund obedience trophy more than once. Her relentless energy helped her pass her classes. agility, walking a few miles a day and best of all running and swimming in Gardiners Bay, which is a short walk from my home.”

Pacella added, “She was with me during the years when I didn’t have to work, raise my son or care for my aging parents, and could devote my full attention to the lessons she taught me. was teaching.

“She showed me how to see nature in an enchanted way. I always made her happy when she stopped to sniff an alluring aroma, and in doing so I saw the intricacies of fir trees and other plants. and trees lining my block, I have heard the sound of the many birds we are blessed with in the Northwest Woods area, and marvel at the attendance of the many squirrels that visit my deck each morning. is Gingee who taught me to be right in the present. Watching her run on the beach was the epitome of pure joy. A joy she generously shared.”

Losing Gingee was heartbreaking, but she left a legacy of love, Pacella said.

“She was almost 16 when she left us, having given me many years of countless life lessons,” she said. “My life would have been so much less fulfilling if she hadn’t been in it.”

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