It was a real canine afternoon for Draco and Zarik | St. Tammany Community News

St. Tammany Sheriff Randy Smith threw a birthday party for two of the department’s precious K9s, complete with surprise gifts, well-wishers, candles and all the puppy-safe cakes the two boys had. October birthday could swallow. K9 Draco, accompanied by his partner, Deputy Walter Eason, celebrated a third birthday, while K9 Zarik celebrated his sixth birthday as his partner, Deputy Terry Poynter, cheered on his best friend at the District Office of Mandeville.

The Sheriff reports that not a crumb or lick of that peanut butter cake and yogurt frosting remains. And as can happen at parties, things got a little wild at the end, with excited dogheads rummaging through their gift bags before heading back to work with a few bright blue tongues hanging out.