How To Hang Wooden Ruler Growth Chart

How To Hang Wooden Ruler Growth Chart. Use sandpaper to sand out any marks or rough areas on the wood. How to hang the ruler.

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**you’ll want to start your lines at 6″ rather than 0. If your growth chart should begin 6 inches from the floor. measure your hanging nails for. Turn the number back over. and position it next to the second “1/4 inch” mark up from the bottom of your growth chart.

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This ruler will sit nicely against any wall in your home. Trace your numbers with a sharp pencil.

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Stain your cut piece of wood. Make all the other lines just one inch long.

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This makes it easier to see the numbers when it comes to colouring them in. Measure how far down your hardware is from the top of the growth chart.

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Sticky tack (optional. to secure the bottom of the ruler to the wall so kids dont try to move it) step 1. I marked the measurements with a pencil and then came back with a engraving tool to make the grooves.

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Below are the different measurements i use: This means the first measurement will be 1 foot.

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How to make a diy growth chart ruler. Here is a step by step tutorial on how to make a growth chart ruler to track a childs height.

Use A Pen Or Pencil To Trace The Number.

Make all the other lines just one inch long. How to hang the ruler. Make sure the right flat portion of the combination square is kept up against the side of the wood so your lines are straight. and use the ruler to figure out where to stop on each mark.

Stain Your Cut Piece Of Wood.

All you need is a board (2x10x 6 ft). black paint and a thin paint brush (or a sharpie). wood stain (optional). polyurethane to seal. and hardware to hang the board on the wall. Hanging a heavy object can be tricky without the right hardware. How to hang a wood growth chart ruler (or hang any heavy object) 1.

Gather All Of Your Supplies.

Then take a pencil and trace around the marks on the wood. Painted ruler growth chart wood growth. Painters tape (optional. for hinge method of vinyl application) to begin making your ruler growth chart. open up cricut design space and upload the svg file (available at the bottom of this post).

Below Are The Different Measurements I Use:

Hang the growth chart ruler. Place a nail/screw in the wall where the hanging hardware hits; Take a pen or pencil and trace around the numbers. pressing hard enough to leave an indent on the wood.

For Example Use A Measuring Tape And Find 5′ On Your Wall.

As an extra precaution. we placed one command strip down near the bottom on one side. 5) using a combination square i go from the bottom and work my way up making the lines their needed length. Use a ruler to mark lines every inch.