Height Map From Google Earth

Height Map From Google Earth. Need/want to measure the height of any building from the comfort of your own home? Earth will show your measurement on the map.

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And the software’s don’t even exist anymore. Learn more about google earth. The elevation profile tool allows you to create a path. and display its elevation profile.

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Double click the name of the measurement. I’ve been hunting for a way to generate a heightmap for my area and came across this neat resource… generates grayscale heightmaps from google earth.

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From this information. scientists can determine the height and shape of the features on the. Additionally. google earth displays location elevation wherever your cursor is on the map.

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You see the earth divided into sectors with numbers. I came across a nifty simutrains forum post on height map creation.basically. using a google earth plugin (open earth from the plugin file) to access the height map data that it uses. and then using an open source tool to read that file. one can make detailed greyscale elevation maps of virtually any.

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Well. google earth makes that possible with its satellite mapping technol. Is there any other places you know to get height maps?

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Google has height information. because the application google earth can show terrain. Additionally. google earth displays location elevation wherever your cursor is on the map.

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So. i was just wondering if its possible to get a height map from google earth? There is an article which mentions the sources which google maps elevation is using: Srtm. globe and some lidar raster data.

2/ Open Google Earth Program And Double Click The Google Earth Plugin File Srtm41.Kmz (A New Line “Srtm4.1” Appear In The Left Menu Of Google Earth).

Good for a human eye. but not usable for height maps. Double click the name of the measurement. So i want to recreate the landscape of a certain island chain. i have no idea how i could accurate do it other than using google earth as a reference and perhaps use the google earth texture aswell.

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So while working on my map i tought. how about if i can just import google earth height map data. this would be so much better to replace my shitty terrain type from my imported maps from btb. as long as i have the actual road already and everything else. i can just substitute the terrain for beamng one. will give my big project a super boost.so is this possible in. A method of finding altitude of a point in google maps. I don’t know what format the terrain data from google comes in. but if you can get a greyscale height map you can use a ‘displace’ modifier to apply the height to a subdivided plane.

I’ve Been Hunting For A Way To Generate A Heightmap For My Area And Came Across This Neat Resource… Generates Grayscale Heightmaps From Google Earth.

The lat/long are referred to the wgs 84 ellipsoid. And the software’s don’t even exist anymore. You can find your elevation on google maps by turning on the terrain function.

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So it gets this informations by internet connection. Heightmaps from google earth or similar. Is there any other places you know to get height maps?